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Where is the Real Rick Ross today?

Where is the Real Rick Ross today?

The Real Ricky Ross is a talented man who has come from humble beginnings playing tennis with his friends during his early years before evolving into becoming the biggest cocaine kingpin during the 1980s in America’s history.  


Freeway Rick has done his time and changed his lifestyle positively since being a freeman working the system and developed new premium cannabis brands for the cannabis connoisseur. Let’s dive into the Hempire he has created over the last few years. 


“Now Rick Ross has announced his partnership with The Cure Company to launch his newest business venture, FREEWAY, a cannabis brand – adding to LA Kingpins and his growing portfolio of successful business brands.”


Freeway products are stocked in dispensaries around California for now and will be available nationwide later this year. Offering the latest and greatest cannabis products like top quality flower rated at more than 30% THC through vape cartridges, vaporizers, cannabis oil, books, clothing and more, with flower strains like wedding pie, jet fuel, grapes and cream, plus more on offer. You are sure to find a premium cannabis product that suits your high requirements. 

  • Cannabis Brands: Freeway and LA King Pins


Both brands were founded in Los Angeles and entirely backed by The Cure Companies top-shelf product line of cannabis consumer products. All of these branded Freeway products are available in dispensaries across California. Cannabis oils, vape carts, and flowers are just some of the freeway brand items


LA Kingpins are a cannabis brand focused on the vape market, offering quality vapes, cartridges and accessories. Both the websites offer dank cannabis apparel that is fit for a King or Queen. Choose from LA Kingpin or Freeway royal hoodies or black and white t-shirts. Find them in stores too. 

  • Who is Freeway Ricky Ross

Sentenced to life in prison in federal prison, Rick Ross vowed to change the community he once tore apart. Some people call him a legend. Others call him a positive mentor; all things considered, Freeway Rick Ross is an icon! He’s currently traveling the country and marketing his new cannabis brand called Freeway. Follow him on Instagram for updates.



The Untold Autobiography is an intimate look at the day-to-day dealings of a drug kingpin in the heart of the ghetto. It’s also the story of a boy born in poverty in Texas who grew up in a single-parent household in the heart of South Central, who was pushed through the school system each year and came out illiterate. His options were few, and he turned to drug dealing. Buy Now


n RIDIN’ with Rick: THE 21 KEYS OF SUCCESS, award-winning writer Kolie Crutcher details the 21 success principles—the 21 keys—he witnessed the former kingpin use daily while “ridin’ with Rick” around Los Angeles over the course of several months. These keys not only made Rick Ross a fortune of over $600 million, but they ultimately overturned his life sentence and freed him from prison. And now, these 21 keys are available to you. Buy Now!

Movie:  Crack in the System


Directed by Marc Levin, Freeway: Crack in the System tells the true story of Freeway Rick Ross and the players that tell how crack cocaine destroyed neighborhoods and lives through the CIA Contra connection featuring exclusive interviews with journalist Gary Webb, Jesse Katz, source Coral Baca, former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Robert Juarez, drug trafficker Julio Zavala and many others.



  • How to find Freeway Rick?

Freeway Rick Ross is a frequent user of social media, especially Instagram. Click here. He is currently touring California to promote his cannabis brands. Also, subscribe, like and follow his social pages so you can find out when and where he will publicly appear next. 



“The cannabis brand FREEWAY is a mainstream, social occasion-based cannabis brand for today’s modern consumers.” Website| Instagram | Facebook


LA Kingpins

“Los Angeles #1 Source for high-quality THC products.” Website | Instagram | Facebook

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