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The legendary cannabis breeder known as Subcool survived a near-fatal diagnosis, the burning destruction of his home and possessions, and a messy divorce from his wife and business partner to get out of the ashes with a new company called Dank.

He is back with a vengeance after suffering the loss of his home, his crops, and all his genetics on October 8, 2017, due to the forest fire that devastated the forests of northern California. This blow, both personally and commercially, would knock any of us down, but “The Weed Nerd” has managed to rise from the ashes and transform their misfortune into a new opportunity, relocating in the sector, changing its strategy, and returning with a commendable mindset. Visit

Before all this happened, her life was already changing due to a divorce, which also affected the TGA Subcool seed bank, currently in the possession of her former partner, and the creation of “The Dank”, a cannabis conglomerate focused on offer cannabis seeds. and produce premium quality flowers and medical-grade resin extractions, while striving to provide free information on cannabis cultivation.

His story

Subcool’s passion for cannabis started early in life. It started growing in the 1970s and eventually found itself in trouble with the police and in prison. His challenging return to cultivation resulted in a subsequent bust and ended up serving prison terms, a season that ignited a passion for changing cannabis laws and helping to release the healing flower forever.

Subcool moved west, and his breeding and growth prowess eventually led him to found Team Green Avenger Seeds. He first caught my eye in the forums, where he shared information and photos of his beautiful cannabis specimens. In 2006, I chose his Jack the Ripper as one of our Top 10 High Times Strains of that year, and he was finally inducted into the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame in 2009. His Vortex strain entered under a different name, He won The First Cannabis Cup in the United States in 2010 in San Francisco.

Along the way, Subcool also became a regular contributor to High Times magazine, the author of Dank: The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana and Dank 2.0, and most recently a High Times winner Dr. Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award. His popular Weed Nerd YouTube show chronicles his cultivation and breeding of cannabis, showing part of his life to a legion of Weed Nerds who follow his exploits and test seeds for further strain releases.

The first aroma and flavor that improved was the Jacks Cleaner lemon. Then the grapes, the cherry, the orange, and the chocolate … The crew was scared by those strains with different flavors and explosive hums. Subcool and his team started selling those seeds, and the concern of sharing genetics did the rest.

In 2001, after many years of experience, active activism, and advice shared through online forums, Subcool founded with his wife MZJill, a team of medicinal growers, the TGA Genetics seed bank. TGA was born with the hope of excelling with a clear philosophy: “Open source breeding”; It is based on an exchange of information and learning, with medicinal producers from all over the world, focusing on genetics and not on business. “The primary target of us in developing a new strain is to blend the traits of the parents used, or to replicate a particular phenotype as frequently as possible, with the intention of integrating it with the medicinal cannabis population.”

Today Subcool has a hat for every day of the week. He has not stopped working for years, touring the United States, Canada, and Europe, spreading his knowledge about cannabis; made collaborations with High Times, Skunk, Treating Yourself, Heads, Weed World or West Coast Magazine; introduced many cups of cannabis; has developed more than 30 strains; published two books: Dank and Dank 2.0, with impressive collections of photos and history of their cannabis varieties; And for 8 years we can follow him and his Weed Nerds on a YouTube channel.

Unique strains

TGA seeds are organic, regular, and widely medicinal. Known for being aromatic, tasty, and resinous. Additionally, TGA is proud to release only “elite cannabis strains”, ruling out many strains along the way, for failing to meet its quality standards.

Jack The Ripper is its flagship. It took more than a decade to get its final version, but as soon as it was released, it started collecting awards. This strain stands out for its lemon flavor and its high content of THCV, a cannabinoid known for its many medicinal properties. Visit Bank of Seeds for more info.

Other known strains from its catalog such as Agent Orange, a true antidepressant, with a deep orange flavor and powerful psychedelic and medicinal effects; Qleaner, an extremely resinous strain, with extraordinary taste and flavor; JillyBean, capable of producing large buds that put tokers in continuous happiness, with a sweet taste of mango, citrus, and apples; o Vortex, a cross between Space Queen x Apollo 13, winner of the Best Sativa award at High Times 2010, with a sweet and tropical flavor, and its high THC content.

Subcool’s future in the cannabis sector.

Subcool is very clear about one thing, that we must support our friends, be good people and fight for what we think is important, and he wants to fight for cannabis to share its benefits and help anyone who is interested in being good gives in and enjoy the best genetics. For this reason, he has created a new website,, where he provides information on his strains, gives access to his extracts and flowers through certain dispensaries, and maintains a complete online library of documents and videos on growth, that is accessible to everyone. .

Due to all this, and considering the excellent relationship we have, we decided to contact him to learn a little more about his situation, the future of his cannabis varieties, and his role as a breeder, “The Dank”, and anything else. if he doesn’t want to, it’s always a pleasure for us to talk to him.

Subcool The Dank

Last summer, Subcool suffered, like many others, the terrible fires that burned California. Since that day, like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, he has become stronger than ever, founding a new company: The Dank of Subcool. Under this name, you are now sourcing not only cannabis strains for cannabis users but also producing the most prized flowers for Arizona tokers and some of the best quality cannabis-derived products on the market.

Loved by some and hated by others, we can only admire this breeder and send him kind words for his work: Long live The Weed Nerd!


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