Thursday, March 18, 2021
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Home Vaping THC Revealed: Muha Meds Has Pesticides In Their Products

Revealed: Muha Meds Has Pesticides In Their Products

Pesticides found in carts in Muha Meds products turn out to be deadly

It appears that Muha Meds is now known to have pesticides in their products.  It is unfortunate that Muha is not operating with proper standards to keep their customers safe.  Black market cannabis dealers have been around for a long time and it looks like Muha  is just another one of those.  This prodcut is seen actually trying to remove content like this in order to save face but the word is already out.  This pens is a shady business and their products will get you sick.

Pesticides In Muha Meds via Test Results
It sucks to know that there is a company that is trying to cover all of this up.  Muha Meds should be taken down for this.  Muha Medication is just shady and I hope no one ever buys from them.


Why Safety Is So Important

Safety is so important in the cannabis industry because of how it is already portrayed.  Cannabis is still a relatively new thing and you need to be careful when purchasing cannabis products.

NEVER use Muha Meds products and Stay safe everyone!, y

This article was written by Thomas From Dankvapes suppliers



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