Enhanced Kratom Strains: Everything You Should Know

No doubt enhanced strain can lead to quick and intensified results. However, a user must know difference between the right dose and other types of kratom. Enhanced kratom which is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa originates from South Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand. People who lived in these countries took this product so as to take pain away from their body after a tiresome and length day. This plant comes with a myriad of health benefits which include ache management, mood-enhancing and addiction treatment to mention just a few. Also, Mitragyna Speciosa is available in different strains.

Some common strains that you can find today include premium, super and enhanced strains. Earlier, these herbs were not well known but with time they have grown to become an alternative to prescribed medication. Because of its spread, the above stated types of enhanced strains have not just gained popularity and FDA has started to officially regulate in Utah and some other states.  To know what this strain is all about and how it is used, let’s look at facts about this herb.

What are enhanced kratom strains?

Enhanced kratom are simply strains that have potencies that intensify or improve when pure alkaloids are added. A popular attribute about enhanced strains is that they come with multiplied effects. What this means is that they tend to offer increased results in less time. Moreover, enhanced kratom strains offer results more quickly and tend to last longer compared to regular strains. While it is true that this strain can stay in the body for a specific period to produce its effects as well as benefits, enhanced kratom strains can remain in your body for an extended time, thus making stressful routines easy and light so that you can bear.

These strains come with additional alkaloids that intensify or improve potencies. With such enhanced strain, you do not have to consume high doses, but reduce your dosages to minimal to experience effects. In case you are looking to buy varied types of strains, you should get the powerful maeng da which works such as enhanced Borneo, enhanced Bali etc.


How do you make enhanced strains?

If you want to make enhanced strains, you should increase alkaloids density by several folds. To achieve this, growers usually invest a big amount of kratom for this process. About 15 to 25 grams of Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are placed in boiling water until they turn to resin, which is a solid substance. For you to achieve this you need to do is let resin cool for a while then grind it later before you convert it into pure dust. What you should know about pure dust is that it is 15 times more powerful compared to standard strain. To make an enhanced powder, you need top quality extract powder. Moreover, you must have base powder of around 75 percent, in case you want to make enhanced strains at home. Note that quantity of powder extract should be less compared to base.


Tell me about dosing

If you have been taking regular strains, and have shifted to enhanced strains, you should not make a blunder of consuming regular doses. Because enhanced strains have high potency, you should consume low doses. For example, a low dose of kratom can vary between 1 to 1.5 grams. But if you are an experienced strain user, you can increase dosage to between 2 to 3 grams of enhanced strain. However, you can consult a medical expert so that you can know amount of dosing that you should take.


The effects of enhanced kratom strains

Enhanced strains come with active alkaloids, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, and mitragynine which communicate with brain’s receptors which are responsible for mood regulation. The benefit of this process is that it offers increased energy and cognitive boost.


Different types of enhanced kratom

There are 4 different types of enhanced kratom. First, is Ultra Enhanced Indo which includes 1500 mg of additional alkaloids. This type of enhanced strain contributes to calm feelings.

Second type of enhanced strain is Enhanced Bali which is made by adding ground powder of current strains. This kratom type enhances vitality and enhances current state of mind.

Third is Maeng Da which is created by adding 99 percent of alkaloids in natural strains. Not only does this enhanced strain relax your mind but also boosts your mood thanks to its analgesic effects.

Fourth, is Enhanced Red Horned strain which is well known for its prolonged effects, which means that it can stay in your body for about 7 to 9 hours when it was first used. Just like other types of enhanced strains mentioned above, it can reduce depressive and anxious thoughts.

They offer increased vitality

Because enhanced kratom is derived from resin and ground leaves, working compounds of this herb produce a metabolic effect that leads to enhanced vitality. Because of improved blood circulation in whole body, the substance absorbs more oxygen to body cells, which process food which produce energy.


Enhanced strains are cost-effective

Because making enhanced strains is quite comfortable, a user will end up reducing high cost of standard and non-enhanced kratom powder. The reason for this is because it intensifying effects produced by strains in low doses.


Taking enhanced strains can indeed lead to quick and intensified results but a user must know what is different between other kratom types and right dose, including size of effects which depends on a different type of kratom. If you are a beginner user, make sure you limit consumption of kratom strains, and make use of strategies as well as things mentioned in this article.



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