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Why do Your Cannabis Vape Cartridge Clogged So Often

Good cannabis vape cartridge designs for high viscosity cannabis extracts, which Solve 99% of cartridge leaking and clogging problem ensures your customers a solid and consistent vaping experience, such as the cilicon elevate s2.

However, some customers have facing the cannabis vape clogged or leakage problem, Here talking about the reasons.

Why do Your Cannabis Vape Cartridges Clogged So Often?

Clogging happens in different conditions:

  1. Low-temperature results in clogging issues as important as the high temperature do.

higher concentrated cannabis extracts are naturally solid like honey even at room temperature. Preheating battery is the most popular solution to melt the solid extract.

  1. Long airflow pathway

No dead angle airflow pathway would decrease clogging risk. A longer airflow pathway would leave cooled cannabis vapor after vaping. Clogging happens if a large amount of cannabis vapor sticks on the dead angle pathway.

  1. The poor-quality ceramic heating coil

Not all ceramic heating coil are the same even most of them have a similar outlook. The balance between produce vapor and store extracts is pivotal to assessing the quality of ceramic. The unpromising heating ceramic coil is easier to clogging even the cannabis oil is thin.

We make a list of the reasons, caused your THC Vape Cartridge clogged often, and you can follow it for solving the problem accordingly.

Unclog cannabis vape cartridge or vaporizers is meaningful for people living and want to have a relaxing moment with their favorite cannabis extracts. That’s why it’s important to find the right cannabis vaporizer supplier to enjoy the perfect vaping experience.

How to Choose the Cannabis Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge?

Here Cilicon will introduce some important factors of avoiding clogged cannabis vape for your Delta 8 THC oil.

1.Oil viscosity-oil intake hole size; Delta thc oil is thick, which require the larger oil intake hole size. 1.6-2.0mm hole size will be good for cannabis thc oil. If quite small, it increases the risk of clogging.

2.Heating coil; The famous heating coil technology will improve the vaping better, such as Microfeel heating coil technology.

3.Material; look for cartridges made of glass or ceramic for the best effect. They don’t leach anything away from the oils and are more durable than plastic ones. These also ensure that you get the complete benefits of cannabis and THC.

4.Vapor quality, a quality vape cartridge should never be harsh on the lungs or throat. If one serious pull has you coughing or struggling to enjoy, make it a hard pass. Instead, choose a cartridge that is extremely smooth. Customers deserve a light consumption process that is never harsh on the throat or lungs.

5.Price; most cannabis vape manufacturers are from china, cartridge price is no much difference, If possible, spring for the cartridge that provides fantastic taste, pleasure and the medical relief you’re seeking. Saving a few dollars won’t balance out for the loss of experience a superior vape cartridge provides.

Vape Cartridge

Cilicon Cannabis Vape Cartridge will be your good choice

For such cannabis vape cartridges, Here we recommend Cilicon elevate S2 for yours:

Bases on cannabis features, Cilicon provides a series of solution to enhance cannabis vape performance, adopts the extraordinary unique formulated Microfeel™ ceramic heating element to highlight the potent of Delta-8 THC. And the patented Oil Isolation Technology to eliminate oil leakage and preserve the aroma in maximum.

Considering all the above-mentioned characteristics that can be used to select appropriate cannabis vape cartridge or vaporizers, Cilicon cannabis vape cartridge will your good choice. It is globally trusted vape brand that provides all the above qualities when it comes to selecting the a suitable vape.


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