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Can You Overdose on CBD Oil? Here’s The Answer

People often cannot differentiate between regular cannabis and medical cannabis. There is a widespread misconception that CBD oil is intoxicating just because it was made from a cannabis plant that is also intoxicating by itself.

Although there are certain cannabis products that can cause issues, most of them are completely harmless. As medical marijuana becomes commonplace all over the world, governments are doing their best to streamline their production and make it safer for people.

In this article, we will talk about CBD in more detail as well as its toxicity. We will also answer the question, “Can you overdose on CBD oil?” Check it out!

What is CBD?

Oftentimes, people use the name CBD to describe medical marijuana. But the truth is, these products have many more substances besides CBD. They usually have all sorts of cannabinoids that can have a positive impact on our bodies. They may also have traces of THC, the substances that get us high.

Depending on the product that you’re using, CBD oil may or may not have THC inside. If you want to avoid this substance altogether, you should choose items labeled as THC-free. The general classification of CBD products goes like this:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil – It has all the same substances as present in the hemp plant
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil – It has all the substances as full-spectrum CBD oil but without THC
  • Isolate – It only has one specific substance (such as CBD)

Generally speaking, even if your product has THC inside, there is a good chance you won’t get high. Cannabis items are regulated all over the world, and the governments are doing their best to streamline sales and production. That way, patients can use them for a wide variety of reasons without endangering their health.

CBD products’ toxicity

As already mentioned, CBD is just one of the numerous substances you can find within CBD products. It is a cannabinoid that can help with various medical issues. Some of the other notable substance include cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, THC, terpenes, and other valuable matters. All in all, the hemp plant has more than 100 active ingredients!

None of these matters are intoxicating aside from THC. THC is the reason why we get high when we smoke marijuana. Most countries limit THC content within CBD products to 0.3%. If a product is within these limits, there is practically no chance that you’ll get high by using it. Needless to say, you also can’t overdose on these products.

Keep in mind there are cannabis-based products and hemp-based products. Most companies create CBD items from hemp. The plant is much safer compared to cannabis. Unlike traditional marijuana, which has between 5 to 20 percent THC, hemp is almost THC-free. So, when you extract the oil from hemp, there is no chance you will get high from it unless you add THC (which is something that companies don’t do).

CBD oil and drug tests

Although CBD oil is non-toxic, and you can’t overdose from it, you can still test positive on drug tests when you use it.

Social CBD oil will leave traces of THC within your blood. This substance can easily be traced during a test. However, this also depends on the type of test that you’re utilizing. Certain drug tests are much more restrictive and are better at finding small traces of prohibited substances. Most drug tests focus on cannabis. By proxy, they also focus on THC.

If you’re using CBD oil on a constant basis, there is an increased chance you will tests positive during a test. Of course, it is much better if you’re using products that are THC-free or those that have minimum THC content.

Potential benefits of CBD oil 

CBD oil can be used for various things. Keep in mind that we’re still learning about the substance and its potential impact on our bodies. So, in the near future, we might learn some more about the plant. As it stands, CBD oil can help you with:

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Various types of inflammation
  • Muscle spasms and related conditions
  • Anxiety, PTSD, and other stress-related conditions
  • Insomnia
  • Certain degenerative conditions
  • It can be used to protect the heart

About the author: Nikolay Stoyanov is the owner and head of the cannabis SEO department in CBDAdvertising.Agency. This is a marijuana marketing company based in Denver, Colorado that helps CBD brands grow and expand with the help of search engine optimization and content marketing.


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